1. Chapter 1: This is a Call


    “I’m tellin you Gramps, those idiots are up ta somethin!”

    “Gary, I’m more than positive that you are over-reacting to something that could be so small.”

    “Gramps I’m Blue now. Stop calling me Gary.” cries Blue as he pulls down the sleeves to his black jacket. “And It’s reasonable for me to think the way I am because of what i saw. There’s no way that it’s pure coincidence that Plasma, Magma and Aqua all appeared in this region. They’re planning something.”


    The elderly professor sighs and runs his hand through his white hair, he was getting too old for his grandson’s shenanigans, “Are you sure you aren’t just making these things up just so that we can call Ash back to Pallet town?”

    Blue’s eyes glared at his grandfather, “His name is Red.” Blue was irritated, it was made obvious by his voice, “And no I’m not. This is serious business Gramps. You just have to trust me on this one.”

    Oak turns around in his seat and leans down on his elbows, how did he end up where he is now? “Are you sure……Are you absolutely positive that you saw these members of these organizations?”

    Blue nods, even though his Grandfather can’t see it, “Yes. I’m incredibly positive. You just have to trust me on this one.”

    Oak sighs, “Fine. But you do know that if what you’re saying is true, there could be a war on our hands and that we would have to warn the Gym Leaders immediately.”

    Blue smirks and runs a hand through his spiky brown hair, “I have my trusty Pidgeot to help me out. I’m prepared to go and tell them all. Just tell Red that he needs to come down from Mt. Silver. We need him.”

    Oak nods and turns to look at his grandson, “Go then, immediately. I’ll contact As- Sorry. Red’s mother at once.”

    Blue turns to leave but pauses, “Do you think………..He still blames himself for what happened?”

    Oak tilts his head slightly, “What happened? With Black and White?”

    Blue’s head lowered slightly, “Yeah.”

    Oak sighs slightly and shakes his head, “I honestly don’t know Blue. I thought you would know the answer to that question, you see him more than i do.”

    “I know…….I just…….Ah never mind. I’ll see him soon anyway.”

    “Yes. Yes you will. Good luck Blue.”

    Blue nods and runs out the laboratory, “Come on Pidgeot! We’ve got work to do!” Blue throws a Pokeball and summons his Pidgeot. The giant bird chirps as it spreads it’s wings and almost has a smile as it looks at Blue.

    “Ready to fly to Pewter city? We get to see a friend of Red’s.”

    The bird chirps in delight, and flaps it’s wings twice. Blue smiles and jumps onto the bird before it jets into the sky and towards Pewter city.



    The tiny yellow mouse looks up at his best friend, he could see the male’s cold stare, being covered by the shadow of his hat.

    “Pika pi!” Pikachu cries, trying to get the dark haired boy’s attention. “Chaaaa”

    The boy finally looks up from his stare and down at the Pikachu, “Oh sorry about that Pikachu. I was just thinking…..” The boy stands up and stares out across the mountains that surrounded the one he was on. He could only see white, and an occasional Pokemon.

    “Pika? Pikachu?”

    The boy looks down, “Nah, I’m not that cold. But i can go inside anyway. I can’t become the strongest across the land if i die from hypothermia.” He jokes, his raspy voice almost echoing across the mountains.

    The two walk inside a cave nearby and a Charizard is waiting for them and it instantly warms the boy up with it’s flames lit all over the place. The boy smiles as he waves to the Charizard, it finally started to obey him properly. The giant lizard nods at him before blowing out smoke from it’s nostrils.

    “Nice to see you too Charizard. Where’s Blastoise and Venusaur?” He looks around the cave to see the two pokemon curled into balls, he can only assume that Blastoise is sleeping since he’s retracted into his shell.

    Red’s eyes go to another corner of the room to see Snorlax, and on it’s belly is Espeon sleeping soundly. Red goes to sit next to the fire and he warms up. Pikachu climbs into his open lap and stares up into his owner’s eyes. Red pets Pikachu’s head and he stares out the cave before letting sleep overtake him.

    “Black we have to get out of here before Team Plasma gets here!” yells out Red.

    Red is sitting outside of a giant metal ship, staring up at it with Pikachu and White are at his side. Red holds the earpiece to his ear just so that he can hear clearer.

    “Don’t you worry a thing Red, I won’t let this place blow. There’s a lot of information in here that we desperately need.” The woman calls through the earpiece.

    Red bites his lower lip, and then looks at Pikachu, “Pikachu we might have to go in there to save her.”

    “If you go you’re taking me with you.” Says the spiky haired brunette next to him. “I can’t let my sis take all the glory.”

    Red smirks before nodding to White and Pikachu, “Black we’re coming in.”

    The three then run into the giant ship where they see countless numbers of Team Plasma soldiers running around. Red looks to White who’s already throwing out his pokeball.

    “EMBOAR LETS KICK SOME ASS!” Yells out White as the giant boar pokemon is flying out of the tiny ball.

    Emboar beats it’s chest before rushing through the Plasma soldiers running towards them. Before long two Plasma Soldiers stand before them with a Simisear and a Simipour. White looks to Red and they both nod at each other.

    “Pikachu! Jump onto Emboar’s back!”

    “Emboar use quick attack!”

    Pikachu hops onto the tall boar before the thing starts running towards the two Pokemon and their masters.

    “Now! Emboar throw Pikachu at them!” White points at the two soldiers.

    “Pikachu you finish it with volt tackle!”

    Emboar grabs the mouse and flings it at the two monkeys. Pikachu begins gathering up electricity and rams through the Pokemon and their trainers. Red and White rush through continuing on their way to the bottom of the ship.

    “Hurry up guys, we have 3 minutes before this place blows!” Black calls through the receiver.

    Red nods at White before throwing out a pokeball, “Snorlax go! Use body slam through these floors!”

    White throws out his pokeball, “Alright Gigalith! You use body slam too!”

    The two Pokemon become released and begin to slam their bodies on the floor, using all their weight to break through them. Red throws out Charizard and they fly after the Pokemon, White releases Braviary and they fly after them.

    “We’ve got two minutes now! What’s taking you guys so long?” Black calls out.

    “We’re here!” White says, “Be patient sis.”

    As soon as Snorlax and Gigalith gets through the last two floors the trainers quickly puts them into their pokeballs and they land on the ground where a girl is waiting for them with 2 long brown pigtails that almost land on the ground.

    “Took ya long enough, hurry up and get over here! We haven’t got all day!”

    The two trainers rush over to the giant machine and they look at the many cords that are running through it. Red frowns as he stares at it, “If only Blue was here. He’d be able to tell me what this all means in a heartbeat.”

    White shakes his head, “I should be able to figure this out. Give me a second.” White eyes down the time as it enters the last minute. White growls as he looks at each of the cords and what they’re connected to.

    “I know what to do!” Red says, he then throws a pokeball and releases an Espeon. “Espeon, i need you to figure out what wire to cut! But hurry we only have 30 seconds left!”

    Espeon nods and closes its eyes, not even 4 seconds later two of the wire’s glow, which means that it’s one of the two. Red understands and takes the pair of scissors out of Black’s hands and cuts the left cord and then time stops completely.

    Red’s smile grows and he picks up Espeon twirling in a circle thanking it. White and Black both hug each other and then Red and Espeon afterwards.

    “There’s only one way out of here and that’s the elevator.” White says, pointing to the elevator.

    “Alright. Tell me when you guys are ready to leave.” Red says, shifting his eyes to both of the siblings.

    Black’s lips turn upwards into a smile, “Nah it’s cool. We need to clean up any stragglers anyway.”

    Red frowns, “I can help you. I’m not doing anything else.”

    White shakes his head, “Dude it’s cool. We’ve got it from here. It’s our region to protect after all.”

    Red sighs softly, “Fine. Just make sure you guys get all the information you can. I’ll see you at Professor Juniper’s place then.”

    Black and White both nod and turn to the machine in front of them. Red looks to Charizard and then puts him back into the pokeball. Pikachu jumps up on top of Red, clinging to the boy’s backpack. Red walks onto the elevator, and it sinks a bit but steadies itself. Red presses the button for Ground level and the machine rides upwards.

    “There they are!” A voice screams below Red.

    Red looks down to see A massive load of Team Rocket soldiers standing in the doorway with guns pointed at Black and White.

    Black and White look to each other and smile, Black summons Serperior and White summons Emboar; their strongest Pokemon.

    “Looks like it’s time for a final round about huh, bro?” Blacks says with a smile.

    White nods, “Looks like it sis. Let’s give em something that they’ll never forget.”

    Red watches as Emboar and Serperior fight off every Pokemon that goes their way, their teamwork impeccable and unstoppable. Black and White cheer on their Pokemon who seem to get stronger as they continue to fight.

    “DON’T SHOOT!” Red hears before a bullet flies pass Black and White and hits the machine behind them.

    White turns around, “It…….It started back up!”

    Black’s eyes open wide, “What?!”

    “You idiot look at what you’ve done!” The soldier screams at the soldier that shot the bullet, “You’ve killed us all!”

    Black and White both sigh softly then look up at Red, who’s watching in fear as he continues to go upwards.

    “No……..” Red mutters, “NO! BLACK! WHITE! NO!” Red’s voice raises into a scream as tears begin to trail down his tanned skin.

    Black and White both wave good-bye as the timer hits zero, and explodes behind the siblings. The elevator stops above ground right before the fire is able to overtake it and Red hits the ground, crying heavily.

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